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You are at the point of departure for your Romantic and Belle Epoque walkway around the village of Le Pont which is an important part of the didactic walk of Lake Brenet whose discovery you can start already from here. We welcome you here today and wish you a wonderful time.

You can follow the walk by using the sign posts which will lead you along fifteen different posts and to an encounter with the beautiful and rich history of the village of Le Pont. QRs will give you access to a translation of the texts on your smartphone in three languages: German–English–Italian.  

The Romantic and Belle Epoque walkway we suggest to you can be done within an hour if you simply follow the pathway. If you are interested in history and want to read the boards, it will take another hour. This discovery can, of course, also be done within several visits. There is no hurry! The signs have been placed in a way that will offer you at each post the most beautiful point of view. 

If you want to do a longer walk, a variation of the walkway will lead you to sites that are certainly less known, but just as romantic. By following the route of l’Aouille, you can reach Mont-du-Lac, a hamlet east of the village; and from there, you can return to the village by passing near the romantic surroundings of the Grand Hôtel du Lac de Joux. From up there, the view over the Vallée de Joux, its lake particularly, is wonderful !

We hope you will enjoy your walkway and its rich discoveries.
This walkway has been arranged under the guidance of the Société de Développement du Pont (SDP) (The Developpement Society of Le Pont) with the helpful financial support of numerous Sponsors.